Sisters learning code

Monthly intro to programming series where no programming experience required. These sessions provide the basics of how websites are built, from HTML to building single page applications. This series will also incorporate learning about version control using GitHub and how to collaborate with other developers. Upon completion of this series, attendees will walk away with the ultimate developer toolkit.


Tech Talks

Quarterly networking series. Local tech companies show of their expertise by asking their employees to give a tech talk or workshop on something relative to the tech and business space. These talks provide the perfect networking opportunity for job seekers and employers alike.

Little Sisters learning code

Semianual mother/daughter coding workshops powered by TechGirlz TechShopz In a Box . Each one teach one! Along with empowering adult women in learning technology skills, we definitely don’t want to forget about our young girls. TechGirlz resources provide curriculum from web development to gaming. One thing’s for sure is there will be lots of fun!


Fierce Conversations

Interactive panel discussion series, inspired by the book Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott. These discussions will be led by women in tech and business across the Philly community. Topics will center around on having difficult conversations that may help women navigate their careers from asking for a raise, equal pay, or discussing their career path.