Philly Tech Sistas
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Philly Tech Sistas Volunteer Leadership Roles

Program Director

The program director is responsible for coordinating, managing, and running the Sisters Learning Code program. This is a speaking/public facing role. Responsibilities include:

  • Running sessions

  • Coordinating with vendors to purchase supplies

  • Bringing session materials: worksheets, stickers, decor, water

  • Checking out and bringing laptops, hotspots, and other tech from Philly Tech Sistas registry

  • Guiding general direction of program

  • Managing SLC team

Program Co-Director

The program co-director is responsible for coordinating, managing, and running Sisters Learning Code program. This is a more administrative role. Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting in running sessions

  • Coordinating with venue for space usage

  • Coordinating with food/beverage vendors

  • Responding to email questions in 48 hours

  • Managing Eventbrite orders/cancellations/waitlist

  • Updating the website

Mentor Director

The mentor director is responsible for recruiting, communicating with, and managing mentors/TAs. Responsibilities include:

  • Sending monthly reminder emails to mentor mailing list

  • Sending warm intro to new mentors on mailing list

  • Onboarding new mentors

  • Tracking and reporting mentor attendance

  • Integrating new mentors into Philly Tech Sistas community

Curriculum Director

The curriculum director is responsible for setting yearly curriculum outline and selecting monthly curriculum content. Responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing annual curriculum outline to ensure it matches current industry practices

  • Helping coordinate presentation + technical materials with monthly curriculum

  • Update the Meetup page and website with monthly project information

  • Check in workshops for presenting: vetting workshops

Technical Materials Director

The technical materials director is responsible for creating and updating monthly slide presentations. This is a technical administrative role that requires web development knowledge. Responsibilities include:

  • Ensure consistent writing voice across course materials

  • Ensure and define consistent default content across slides

  • Define consistent styling for common slide sections

  • Update slides content based on monthly session feedback

  • Ensure slide instruction aligns with the curriculum outline

  • Ensure slide instructions are clear, concise and addressed to a beginner level audience

  • Collaborate with Curriculum Director & Instructor Director

Instructor Director

The Instructor Director is responsible for overseeing the facilitator portion of the Sisters Learning Code program. This role requires web development knowledge. Responsibilities include:

  • Mentor others who would like to contribute by Instructing

  • Oversee presentation formatting and structure

  • Ensure monthly presentation content are available from the Sisters Learning Code website

  • Ensure presentation content is suitable for a beginner level audience

  • Collaborate with the Curriculum Director & Technical Materials Director

  • Ensure presentation content aligns with the curriculum outline

Marketing Director

The marketing director is responsible for marketing the program both to attendees and potential mentors/volunteers through identifying and understanding target markets and planning, developing, and implementing marketing strategies that align with the programs goals. Responsibilities include:

  • Export previous attendee information from Eventbrite and import to mailchimp

  • Live tweet/facebook stream events + photos

  • Sending monthly micro-newsletters to attendees

  • Schedule monthly social media posts to promote event

  • Post/schedule weekly engagement posts

  • Post eventbrite events with tracking links to calendars including:

    • PTS website

    • Facebook

    • Meetup

  • Post program mentor/volunteer/leader bios to Philly Tech Sistas website